Becky Buckman

Becky Buckman

"My life coach is Becky and our correspondence occurred through email and text alerts to my phone.  She was very helpful and her assignments forced me to really think about where my future plans will take me in life.  I will graduate in May and my options are limitless for my career.  I hope that I can keep in touch with Becky in the future as my graduation draws closer."



"My coaching session with Becky was very insightful. We touched on some pretty deep stuff that I was aware of from previous counseling experiences, yet afraid to face the hard truth of how it is keeping me stuck. Her powerful questions and directness surrounding the real issue was what I needed to hear. I am grateful to her for helping me see something I really needed to see so I can move forward!"



"My experience with Becky as a teach and a coach is a wonderful, wonderful experience to have and to be around her as well to be in her classes too!! Again, I just wished that she'd had a lot more classes that she'll teach as well to be around with to. We just need ALOT more people like Ms. Becky to teach and to guide us into the right path of all us not to return back to prison!"

P. Jackson 


"I am currently an inmate at Riverbend Maximum Security Institute and I have attended Infinite Possibilities and Mastering Infinite Possibilities classes facilitated by Mrs. Becky Buckman. These classes were for 8 weeks each, once a week for 2 hours a day. I have had tremendous cusses working with and learning from Becky. She is a wonderful teacher and she really believes in the work she does. I am so fortunate to have been taught by her and I am going to miss her dearly."



"My experience began with Becky as a co-student of Science of Mind. This was, I think, part of her transition into teaching the Infinite Possibilities class on her own. In her transition there was a total of 6 hours, 3 classes for 2 hours each. As a result I would also enter the Infinite Possibilities class for 2 semesters and 1 semester of an advanced version of the same name, for 8 classes each for 2 hours for a total of 48 hours total for Infinite Possibilities and 54 hours for both classes combined."



"My experience with Becky has been life changing for me. I learned how to let go of things that produces negativity and I've also learned how to vent and share my feelings among others. I have a better understanding about Laws of Attraction and the different phases that Infinite Possibilities stands for."



"Becky has opened my mind up to Infinite Possibilities. I've learned that my thoughts can bring certain actions and events in my life to existence. It was a very good learning experience for me. She's very open minded about circumstances and situations involving the class. From the class I've made a vision for my future. Because with beliefs I have now about Infinite Possibilities, anything is possibile, if you put your mind or desire to do something. I've learned to change my mood from bad to think positive to overcome those situations. She's a great woman whom I admire for her positive spirit, attitude and the way she changes her attitude or behavior with her thoughts. This class has helped me to overlook the negative, to positive. Because positive things brings those same vibrations your way. Thank you Mrs. Becky for a great learning experience."



"This is my third Infinite Possibilities class. I have really enjoyed these classes along with our teacher mrs. Becky. During this class I have learned to put into practice different techniques that have helped me reach my goals in life. Visualization and dismantling negative beliefs are important tools that I can use daily."



"Becky's insight has been invaluable. She has helped me to see life and live life in a way that is much fuller and productive. I no longer feel so tossed around by life. I now know my Divinity!"



"My experience with Becky as a teacher has been a wonderful experience. Just to have someone pure at heart to come out and show love and support. To have someone help you dig deep within yourself is special. She's a very special and unique lady. She helps bring out the best in people. She knows how to communicate with people from all aspects of life."



"I got lot of different kind things from this class. Far as the vision board I done help me to understand different kind of technical tools of life."



"This is my second Infinite Possibilities course, which I have accumulated about 32 hours of class time. I have really enjoyed these classes along with my instructor Mrs. Becky Buckman. During my class time I have learned to put into practice different techniques such as visualization and dismantling negative beliefs. I personally would recommend this class to anyone who wants to have a new way of empowering their minds and their lives. Becky Buckman is a great instructor that taught me a different and unique way of thinking."



"I completed 3 classes with Becky. She is a wonderful person as well as a professional, knowledgable and inspiring teacher."