Ashiya Swan

Ashiya Swan


"Our conversation had a good flow. We discussed things about how I was feeling in my life. We also talked about my physical activity and my circle of friends. I thought it was like talking to a friend because she was very receptive and came up with good suggestions that I am trying to implement."


"I liked having a follow-up session with Ashiya because it held me accountable for tasks I said I would complete. Although I didn't complete everything I set out to do, Ashiya was still there to encourage me and to help recalculate plans see what works and what doesn't. After our meeting, I felt inspired to continue making the changes I need to in order to live a more balanced life. I love meeting with Ashiya! She has a very warm and grounded presence in which I am comfortable to sort out my *stuff* - I definitely plan to schedule more time with her."


"I thought Ashiya was very professional and I enjoyed meeting her. She asked me a couple of questions that helped me to think about my future plans and the experience itself helped me to voice my plans for the coming year."


"My session with Ashiya was nothing short of uplifting and grounding – oxymoron? I think not. As a Coach myself, I am great at addressing others tasks, goals, and concerns; however, sometimes in all of that I let it slip that I too have my own 'to-dos'. For whatever reason, I find it easy to bump even the most important ones to that back burner to help others. Ashiya was instrumental in helping me with task management and truly seemed vested in my concerns as to why I felt I kept running into the same road block. She was positive, tuned in, uplifting in her support yet gently grounding as we unearthed a plan of action that I feel honors both myself and my need to help others. Bravo Ashiya!” 


"I went to Ashiya for help trying center myself and meditation and inner peace. Not once did she preach to me, and she was caring and understanding. The techniques she gave me have helped reduce my panic attacks and anxiety and find peace within myself. Saying thank you a million times would never be enough. She is truly a gem."


"I had my holistic life coaching session with Ashiya and found it to be absolutely excellent. Ashiya was really very helpful and I found the whole coaching session to be really beneficial. It was a great experience for me to talk to someone about my life and about the direction that I'm going in. Ashiya was really wonderful."


"I had a Life Coaching Session with Ashyia. We discussed some of my concerns on matters of my business. I loved the way Ashyia showed concern for how I was feeling. She truly left room for me to express and explore my options. She was professional in her responses and very resourceful in her ideas. We were able to brainstorm as a team, and to me that was the most meaningful part. I felt as if what I was facing was not as difficult and that she was able to coach me into having a more positive outlook. In that hour's time, what I had felt as the world on my shoulders and that I carried the load alone became a solid and resourceful way to see that I could handle the situation and was being supported on my choices. I felt the stress leave me and tension relaxing with each minute we talked. Her nurturing nature made me feel very comfortable and unafraid to talk about how I really felt. I left the session excited to face the obstacles and realized two heads are always better than one. Ashiya made it very welcoming and left the space open for me to contemplate what I have grown to understand. The tools that she gave me have been helpful and I just love her calming spirit and personality. I surely will use all the tools in my everyday life because they have truly empowered me."


"Ashiya has a lovely, professional disposition and radiates calm, serenity and good health. I felt we had a wonderful, connected session. She listened closely and carefully to my concerns. I like the way I felt I was 'heard' in a nonjudgemental manner. We were able to pinpoint my areas of concern and flexible potential ways to address them. I was impressed by Ashiya's demeanor and I could tell she has a deep pool of wisdom from which to draw from. I could feel that she had a deep and authentic interest in me as a person. I am a very intuitive and particular person. I would not hesitate to hire Ashiya as my coach."


"I was very impressed with the way Ashiya connected with me. She helped to point me in the direction I may be going with my career."


"I liked Ashiya right from the start of our session! She asked me some good questions to get me thinking about my health concerns, but not before also spending some time to get to know me better.  She really put me at ease with her friendly and warm greeting.  Before I knew it, I was telling her things I don't normally share with anyone!  I appreciated her thoughtful concern and listening ear.  Ashiya seemed to have knack for encouraging me to reevaluate some of the choices I am currently making, so that I could see myself more objectively.  I'm approaching my 59th birthday in February.  I find the end of another decade to be a time for deep reflection on how I want to enter the next.  While I like who I am in many respects, I also don't know who I will be as I face some of the inevitable changes of the aging process.  I see many people my age already dealing with serious health conditions or disease.  Some have passed on.  How much of what I experience in this next decade will be mine to control, I don't know.  But I do know that healthy choices can lead to a healthier life for most of us, at any age.  In conclusion, I would like to continue meeting Ashiya because I feel under her guidance I stand to make some changes in my diet and in my habits that will put me on track for a healthier lifestyle."


"I was really exited to meet with Ashiya today because I had a bunch of ideas that were ready to be organized and implemented, I knew she could help me translate them into concrete plans. Ashiya stayed present with me and listened objectively and compassionately to what I had to say. Most importantly she would ask me WHEN I was planning on doing certain things and helped me formulate specific dates to accomplish them. I felt very comfortable talking with Ashiya about my ideas and visions, as well as vulnerable feelings and personal experiences. I know I can trust Ashiya and she is also a lot of fun to get excited with! I highly recommend Ashiya's Life Coaching services and I look forward to meeting with her again in the future."


"I had an life coaching session with Ashiya.  I have never had a life coaching session before, so I had no idea what to expect--my partner purchased it for me for my birthday. Ashiya did a wonderful job of drawing out the issues of importance to me right now and helping me talk through them to discover how they fit within my personal dreams and goals.  I took three pages of notes and have reviewed them a couple of times since then.  Ashiya mirrored my conversation, pointing out my strengths and highlighting ways where I could modify my behaviors in order to be more consistent with my goals and values.  I felt affirmed in my current choices which was encouraging.  I will now be viewing yoga as part of my meditative practice rather than as chiefly exercise.  I will be incorporating more meditation into my day and making sure to continue to develop my spiritual practices.  I have been slowly letting go of the way things were 'supposed' to go in my life and the prescribed ways of serving God which were taught to me in childhood and gaining the courage to follow my heart.  Ashiya helped me talk through these mental conflicts and gain clarity.  She pointed me toward several resources--authors, concepts, etc.--so that I could continue the work we had accomplished in our session.  I have a list of things to explore, and I am excited to gain some new knowledge and skills.  I found the life coaching session to have ongoing value.  Overall, this is an experience I would definitely repeat if I found myself getting 'stuck' in any variety of ways.  Ashiya was a skillful listener, she developed a quick and easy rapport, and she was able to instantly grasp the themes that mattered to me.  She exuded a knowledgeable confidence, a sense of life experience and wisdom."


"I met with Ashiya and did not feel at that moment, I had anything that needed to be worked on. I felt that I had been handling situations in my life fairly well. But when I sat down and talked with Ashiya, I didn't realize how much stuff I needed to release. Ashiya helped me come to terms with some key issues and then gave wonderful Ideas; that got me to put on my thinking cap. I came up with solutions that had been in my face all that time. I was so puzzled as to how I never noticed it up until then. I noticed that life coaching makes your pride and ego take a step aside so that your true self can talk to your doubting self and actually come to an agreement."


"I'm grateful for my session with Ashiya Swan. I have just overcome a year of crazy health scares. In just one session with her, I was able to see how many childhood experiences are tied in to many present fears that I have let control my life. I am so happy to be starting this new journey of health and finally living again! I have had a few sessions with Ashiya and they are going very well. It is an amazing experience!"


"I found our session to be extremely helpful. Ashiya is gifted coach who conveys warmth and compassion. She created a safe space for me to feel comfortable sharing, listened carefully and provided sound feedback as needed. I would recommend her friends and look forward to working with her again."


"My life coaching session with Ashiya helped me gain insight and clarity with respect to a challenging relationship. I was surprised that my phone session with her was not only therapeutic but also transformative. Personally, I prefer face-to-face sessions but she was able to hone in on my grief, frustration and hurt as well as my desire for healthy conflict resolution. Ashiya honored my feelings and offered me practical tools to support my goals. Her insight was invaluable and I was able to step outside my pain to make the necessary steps for my personal healing."