Amanda North

Amanda North

"Working with Amanda has opened my eyes to so many different avenues and options in my life. Her coaching has helped me to realize different ways of thinking and how to manifest what it is I want, focusing on gaining clarity and turning negative thoughts into a more positive intention for my life. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with her and to have entered into this type of journey. She is a true listener and is able to redirect and guide with patience and no judgement. I never felt like I couldn't be completely open with her, and this has been a huge area of struggle for me in the past. I highly recommend Amanda as a life coach. Her spirit, energy, abilities, and trustworthiness make her a great coach!"



"Amanda and I talked about my deepest dream that for some reason I'm terrified to take the first step in making. It's a big career change and my new desire to help children comes from a recent medical trauma with one of my own children. Funny how something you feel so passionate about can seem so murky and cloudy. She immediately simplified it for me. She brought me from gray to full color. I feel my vision is becoming clearer and louder. I finally took the first step last night and contacted a well respected mentor at the local children's hospital to meet up for coffee soon. I think I made the whole thing so big in my head I didn't realize I just need to start somewhere."



"I met Amanda for a session and walked away calm, enlightened, and optimistic.  She was very enthusiastic and concerned about my well-being and asked great questions to get me thinking about solutions I hadn't yet considered and helped lay out a path for me to attain my goals.  She greets you with a huge inviting smile, and instantly becomes your biggest cheerleader.  I deeply enjoyed my interaction with Amanda, and I will definitely return to her when I need to gain more clarity on any decisions I have to make."



"Amanda coached both my ex-now-boyfriend and me.  She opened up with a centering mediation which was nice and grounding.  I find her extremely intuitive with our relationship.  I felt comforted and trusting.  She opened both of us up gently and made the way for us to go in a very comfortable flow.  She had insight and at very appropriate times, gave us great feedback and offered good resources.  My ex-now-boyfriend was very open to her and her suggestions and I can’t wait until our next coaching session.  I am confident, with her help, that she is able to help us weed through the complications in our relationship and help bring us to the place we both want to be with each other.  I would DEF-initely recommend her as a relationship coach.  I love her positive attitude, her intelligent intuition, and her gentle pace of moving us forward."



"One of the main things that I gained through the two sessions with Amanda was to be aware of things that got me off center, deal with them right at that moment and not dwell on the incident, whatever it may have been.  I have a tough time letting go and not being defensive when someone says something to me that is conflict with my beliefs.  My time with Amanda helped me begin to become more aware of that and to not let it effect me in a negative way.  Rather, be open to others peoples ideas and beliefs since they are in fact their own beliefs and ideas and just because they are different, does not mean they are telling me I am wrong. Our time also helped with focusing on there here and now and being satisfied with where I am at in life.  Developing my own baseline for success and not replying on others to tell me whether or not I am successful."