Alicia Gervais

Alicia Gervais


"I had a coaching session with Alicia Gervais this morning. And while I had no idea what I was going to talk about today, she made me feel very comfortable and let me ramble to the point where my main issue easily surfaced. Then, fairly quickly, she guided me into a place where I was able to get very clear on my next steps. This was huge because on my own I hadn't been able to get this far...even though I knew what I needed to do! I left feeling focused and energized and motivated! It was a great session! :-)"


"I had another practicum with Alicia today. Her insightful and unbiased approach to the issues going on in my life was incredibly helpful in me seeing other alternatives and solutions to an issue I am facing in a personal relationship. She helped me see where I was holding judgement and needing to communicate more clearly with my partner. She also helped me put things into words that will make it easier to discuss the issue with my partner instead of going into the conversation from a negative place. Alicia's openhearted and unbiased approach really helped me feel better in moving forward and handling the situation in a positive and effective manner."


"Alicia is amazing! I was in a very sad mood when we met because I was worried about my parents’ well-being and other family-related things. She held such a space of non-judgment, honor and sacredness for me to feel and was fully present with me.  I felt  safe to open up and share my feelings. She held space for me to just BE and that is what I truly needed. She made me feel seen and heard. I realized that I had been resisting some uncomfortable emotions that were arising. I was able to breathe, honor and allow those emotions to flow through in our session. Alicia is the embodiment of compassion. I recommend her HIGHLY!!"


"I had a FANTASTIC life coaching session with Alicia.  My session allowed me to see through to the root cause of my procrastination.  She has given me invaluable insight into self-care which allows me to accomplish what I need to accomplish.  I cannot be of true assistance to others unless I have fulfilled my own needs." 


"I met with Alicia for some life coaching. I had been having some doubts on what my next steps in life were entailing. I could not see past this mental block. So when I met with Alicia, and her energetic personality, she opened the space with feelings of compassion and understanding and the willingness to help me solve my dilemma. I started telling her how I was feeling like maybe I had jumped the gun on some of the choices I had made. Alicia helped me go through the things I felt I did not give thought to. She then asked where did I feel that these steps where misled. After a pause and much thought, I realized that the steps I had taken were divinely led. We worked on tools that could help me brainstorm, new ideas and just talking with her made me release some of the fear based thoughts that I was having. She gave me ideas and resources that helped me see goodness in my actions. I left feeling that I could accomplish anything I choose, as long as I believed in myself, and I did not need validation from others in regards to the choices I had made up to this point."


"I had an awesome session with Alicia today!  She's got the active listening down!  I am having some trouble working through a personal friendship right now and I am so glad I decided to talk with Alicia about it.  Her calm spirit and warmth really put me at ease I shared more than I would have normally been comfortable sharing.  Because of this, we were able to get to the heart of the matter.  Alicia also gave me some great exercises on forgiveness and bringing more love into the situation.  I was really looking for some new ways of behaving in this relationship to fix it, but Alicia reminded me that I just needed to offer more love and forgiveness to my friend and myself.  I'm so grateful!"