Alice Fleenor

Alice Fleenor

"I found Alice to be very professional and insightful. She coached me for one hour, which flew by, in regard to a difficult decision I was facing. Alice was able to get me to see where I was in relation to what my mind thought and what the reality of the situations was. I found that her questions were thought-provoking and this made me feel comfortable and a rapport was easily established. Her challenge for me to follow through was great and easily attainable as I took smaller steps than viewing my problem as a mountain. Scaling really helped me to focus."


"Alice was able to get me on track by having me set the agenda and guided me through the process with appropriate questions. I was able to set a plan and be accountable to my goal as well."


"I worked with Alice and she coached me on creating a habit of going to my gym more often and I felt it went very well.  Alice is empathetic and patient.  She listens well and allowed me to reach my own conclusions.  I liked her manner.  Her questions prompted thought and insight and I benefited from the coaching session."


"My session with Alice went very well and is a process that I was not familiar with. I was more than pleasantly surprised and left the session feeling better about myself which I haven't done in a while. I have a goal this week and a smile."

"My coaching session with Alice helped to renew, affirm and empower me to do that which I momentarily forgot I could do!"

"I find these sessions and the process with Alice very helpful. A bit challenging at times. But anything worthwhile usually is. I'm a realist and understand that personal growth takes time and initiative. With the help of the sessions and some willingness and motivation on my part, I believe I will eventually achieve all the goals and a life that I have put on hold for so many years."


"Together, Alice and I have already discussed a structured plan to begin my book project. We also brainstormed ideas in regards to motivation and visualization techniques to help me to move forward. Very thought-provoking and inspiring session!"


"Alice and I have set our plan into motion with specific dates to complete outlines for my story project. We have visual techniques to enhance the creative process. One suggestion includes getting my writing space set up with a portrait of my favorite author Maya Angelou. Another suggestion for creative flow includes burning a candle for energy. We have specific dates for feasible goals set. I'm lucky to have such positive coaching!"


"I talked with Alice about how I can feel safe even when I'm around a negative co-worker or any negative person for that matter; my plan is to pray for that person instead of just praying for myself. I tend to perceive that the person's negativity is a plan to sabotage my peace which is "False Evidence Appearing Real"; which causes me to think "F*** Everything And Run," which leads me to avoidance instead of "Face Everything And Recover"; once again, Alice simply reminded me to use the tools that i already have."