The Circle Center Offers Circle Facilitator Training with Special Guest - Local Consulting and Training Company Brings Cambodian-Born Co-Facilitator to Nashville

06/04/2013 00:46

Local business, The Circle Center, offers a 3-day Circle Facilitator Training from June 28-30, 2013, for organizations interested in learning an effective, low-cost/ high-value tool for group facilitation, consensus building and community/team strengthening. Training hours are Friday, June 28 from 9:00am–5:00pm, Saturday, June 29 from 9:00am-5:00pm and Sunday, June 30 from 10:00am-4:00pm at Youth Opportunity Center located at 1704 Charlotte Avenue. The cost is $300 per person (includes breakfast, lunch & refreshments). RSVP to

Tracy Roberts, CEO of Circle Center Consulting, LLC, explains, “This training is ideal for managers, organization leaders, parents, community members or professionals.”


The Circle Process training participants will learn techniques for facilitating, encouraging and sustaining meaningful dialogue using the Circle Process and more. They will also:

•           Experience facilitating the Circle process in both personal and professional settings.

•           Develop and refine empathy and trust building and group facilitation skills.

•           Gain an understanding of the Circle process tenets and how it can be an integral tool for individuals, organizations and communities and the missions, goals and populations they serve.

•           Explore the many different applications of Circles including community and team building, strategic visioning, conflict resolution, organizational development and much more.

•           Become a resident expert within your organization or community on group facilitation using the Circle process.


Circle Training Facilitators

Saroeum Phoung, is a masterful circle keeper, teacher and spirit leader.  Saroeum has many years of experience leading circles process to provide healing and transformation for individuals and communities dealing with the challenges of violence, racism, inequity that are present in many of our communities.  Saroeum was born in Cambodia and immigrated to the US during the Pol Pot regime via refugee camps in Thailand and the Philippines. Settling in East Boston he faced the all-to-common difficulties of immigrant life --- cultural difference, racism, and violence.  Through his work with Roca, a community values-led youth serving organization, he experienced personal transformation and became a staff member. Saroeum learned to lead peacemaking circles from the Tagish Tlingit First Nation as a way to share power, include more community voices, and build relationships that foster healing and hope.  Saroeum continues to bring healing and transformation to communities across the United States. Saroeum lives in Boston.

Tracy Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of The Circle Center Consulting, LLC, is an experienced circle facilitator, trainer and consultant. Tracy and the Circle Center provide strengths based approach to embrace and build on organization members’ strengths and abilities rather than focusing on their weaknesses and deficits. The circle process utilized by the Circle Center is a sustainable model for organizations and their leaders in building community and team-work, promoting authentic dialogue, managing conflict and renewing staff members, volunteers and supporters as they carry out the mission and goals of the organization. Tracy is from Jackson, Mississippi and graduated with a degree in Social Work from The University of Mississippi in 1998. Tracy received his Master’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Tennessee in 2001. Tracy received training in peacemaking circles in 2006 and has subsequently trained over 200 people in the process. Tracy has led many organizations and community members through the circle process covering an array of topics and themes such as conflict circles, community building, strategic planning, topic circles, leadership presence and circles of appreciation.


About The Circle Center

The Circle Center is a professional consulting and training company based in Nashville, Tennessee and serving companies and organizations nationwide. The collaborative effort and venture of experienced professionals and trainers, The Circle Center is your organization's resource for connecting your vision with success.  More information is available at