RADIANT HEALTH INSTITUTE RETURNS TO HONDURAS TO TRAIN COACHES - Nashville-Based Social Enterprise Travels to Central America

01/19/2016 17:56

This February, Radiant Health Institute (RHI), a prominent Nashville-based Holistic Coach training school will return to Honduras to complete training for nearly 50 students studying to become professional Life Coaches. 


After visiting Honduras as a tourist several years ago, RHI-founder Dez Stephens recognized the potential and possibility of holistic training and coaching for local residents and soon began planning a return trip to train and empower new coaches. 


“When I visited Honduras as a tourist in 2013, I realized that the women there have very few career opportunities,” Stephens said. “It occurred to me that they could become trained as Life Coaches in order to make a living by coaching tourists locally and clients worldwide online.”


The coach training, which began last November, will culminate next month in Honduras (February 15-19, 2016) and kick off a new cycle (February 22-26, 2016). The program is a joint effort between Stephens; Los Angeles- and San Pedro Sula-based filmmaker and humanitarian Shannon Kring; and Honduran entrepreneur and philanthropist René Arturo Bendaña. The value of the training that is being donated by RHI is close to $250,000.00.


“Over the course of five days, we witnessed the awakening of women who chose to step bravely onto the path of entrepreneurship,” Kring said of the November 2015 pilot program. “I have no doubt they’ll inspire others to do the same.”


“My country is one in which inequality is still the norm,” Bendaña, who works to empower marginalized members of his society, said. “This program is a great step in the direction of closing the gap.”


In addition to Life Coach training, Stephens will also co-facilitate a transformative retreat from February 27 through March 5, 2016, in Copan, Honduras, with Kring.


About Radiant Health Institute

Radiant Health Institute was founded in April of 2012 and is a social enterprise and prominent Holistic Coach training school that certifies individuals who then create vibrant private practices as professional coaches. The primary purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to facilitate human growth and prosperity. The focus is all about quality of life, holistic pursuits and personal empowerment. More information available at RadiantCoaches.com.

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