Radiant Health Institute Publishes First Book, ‘Wellness Matters’ - Local Holistic Consortium Produces Self-Published Paperback and E-Book Based on Living Well

01/17/2013 16:39


Radiant Health Institute has published its first book entitled, “Wellness Matters”. Co-authored by 16 local holistic life coaches, this wellness book focuses on subjects like love, gardening, pain, self-belief, connection, breath, positivity, movement, ceremony, stress, spirituality, music and self-recovery. Books can be purchased on Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/a4plpl9.

Local co-authors include Dez Stephens, Kristianna Zack-Simmons, Ashiya Swan, Lori Bradford Miles, Elizabeth Randles, Bliss Wood, Teri Pugh, Nancy Moran, Jackie Almaguer, Gina Kramer, Craig "Fett" Fetterolf, Nichole Terry, Megan Johnson Rox, L'Vereese Britten, Krystalyn Norton and Iayaalis Kali-Ma'at Eloai. All of these co-authors are trained holistic life coaches through locally based Radiant Health Institute. Each co-author addresses a different wellness topic.

Dez Stephens, founder of Radiant Health Institute, states, “We are so proud to premiere our first-ever book just after becoming the new publisher of B.Real magazine. Now we have a printed magazine, paperback book and Kindle e-book available to help people live a more radiant life. Two interesting chapters in the ‘Wellness Matters’ book include essays like ‘None of It Matters’ and ‘Everything Matters’ to cover a wide array of commentary from highly expert holistic life coaches.”

About Radiant Health Institute
Radiant Health Institute is a consortium of holistic educators, providers and practitioners dedicated to enhancing lives through independent publishing, special events, holistic life coaching and Holistic House Calls. The purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to facilitate human growth, enhance people's lives, create positive experiences and expand multiple horizons. The focus is all about quality of life, authentic living, holistic pursuits, spiritual growth, mindfulness, great appreciation, progression, consciousness, health improvements and so much more. Visit www.radiant-health-institute.com for more information.