RADIANT HEALTH INSTITUTE GRADS OPEN NASHVILLE LIFE COACHING OFFICE - Nashville-Based Professional Coaches Open Private Practice in Crieve Hall Area

01/26/2016 22:41

Two of Radiant Health Institute’s certified Holistic Life Coaches have opened a private practice in the Crieve Hall area of Nashville for their professional coaching and workshops. Their office is located at 4701 Trousdale Drive, Suite 108, Nashville (37220).

Teri states: "I didn't choose this path, it chose me and I understand despite our best efforts loss, chaos, addiction and self-doubt can creep in. Left unaddressed, they hijack our lives leaving us overwhelmed, numb and emotionally paralyzed. I'm dedicated to helping folks understand life's hiccups, crossroads and curve balls and in doing so they reconnect and reclaim joy, health, clarity and a peace-filled mind. In other words, to live ‘plugged in.’ I know firsthand the freedom and peace that comes from our willingness to transcending the turbulence in our lives.”

Becky says, "My coaching style is fun, freeing and profoundly revealing.  I use a combination of powerful tools from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Faster EFT (aka Tapping) to help people bulldoze through their own blocks to achieving peace, success, wholeness and joy. During a session, I gently guide clients into the hidden corners of their subconscious. From here, we can break down the structure of limiting beliefs and emotions, enabling clients to dismantle their negative patterns and ‘stuckness’. With emotional intelligence and renewed self-esteem, permanent changes can now take hold.”

Radiant Health Institute founder, Dez Stephens, says, "These two graduates of Radiant Health Institute’s Holistic Coach training and certification program are stellar coaches providing empowering services for the Nashville community."

About Teri Pugh
A native Nashvillian, Teri is a writer, mother, TEDx speaker, blogger, Certified Grief Specialist, Restorative Living & Addiction/Habitual Recovery Coach. She is currently in the process of obtaining certification as a Addiction Counselor and putting the finishing touches on a book. Working with individuals, families, couples, schools and groups she helps folks connect the dots to discover healthy and effective communication, self-appreciation, quality of life tools which enrich their relationships (personal and social) and over all well-being. More information available at TeriPugh.com.

About Becky Buckman
Becky Buckman is a certified trainer by Mike Dooley of the Notes from the Universe for his Infinite Possibilities program. She began presenting Infinite Possibilities to the men at Riverbend prison in 2013. Six months later, the Prison class had grown and Becky was joined by Teri Pugh as a co-facilitator. Becky is also a Certified Holistic Life Coach through Nashville-based Radiant Health Institute. She is also Level I certified practitioner in FasterEFT through Skills to Change Institute. Becky sends out a weekly inspirational e-note called "A Whisper from your Soul". More information available at BeckyBuckman.com.

About Radiant Health Institute
Radiant Health Institute was founded in April of 2012 and is a social enterprise and prominent Holistic Coach training school that certifies individuals who then create vibrant private practices as professional coaches. The primary purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to facilitate human growth and prosperity. The focus is all about quality of life, holistic pursuits and personal empowerment. More information available at RadiantCoaches.com.

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