Radiant Health Institute Certifies Newest Holistic Life Coach - Mid-South Certifying Training School Proud to Announce Most Recent Graduate

02/06/2014 21:37

Local business, Radiant Health Institute, certifies its newest graduate, Sandy Griffin, in its Holistic Life Coaching training & certification course. Graduates learn to enhance business performance, communication skills, overall confidence, smart decision making, personal development, conflict resolution and goal setting. Training included 48 hours of hands-on intensive trainings, 20 hours of home-based work, and 20 hours of practicums. Training also includes learning the art of active listening, boundaries & body language, coaching vs. counseling, holistic paradigms, self-discovery, creating sacred spaces, taking the client's lead, asking vs. telling, goals & accountability, authenticity & presence, setting up a private practice, and self-marketing.

New graduate, Sandy Griffin, is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in relationships and communication. She helps her clients better understand people or situations and enables them to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection and caring can flourish. Her clients include anyone who desires to come to come to their own understanding of their own life.


Sandy is also president and founder of non-profit, Sharing Hearts and Joining Hands, in uniting individuals, organizations and communities to work together for the betterment of the poor, needy, homeless and orphaned (anyone abandoned in life). More information about Sandy Griffin is available at www.SandyGriffin.com.


About Radiant Health Institute

Radiant Health Institute is consortium of holistic educators and practitioners dedicated to enhancing lives through special events, holistic life coaching and meaningful publishing. The purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to facilitate human growth, enhance people's lives, create positive experiences and expand multiple horizons. The focus of Radiant Health Institute is all about quality of life, authentic living, holistic pursuits, spiritual growth, mindfulness, great appreciation, deepening consciousness, health improvements and so much more. More information is available at www.RadiantCoaches.com.