Radiant Health Institute Certifies More Local Holistic Life Coaches - Mid-South Certifying Training School Proud to Announce Last of 2013 Graduates

12/10/2013 23:05

Local business, Radiant Health Institute (RHI), certifies four more graduates in its Holistic Life Coaching training & certification course. Graduates learn to enhance business performance, communication skills, overall confidence, smart decision making, personal development, conflict resolution and goal setting. Training included 48 hours of hands-on intensive trainings, 20 hours of home-based work, and 20 hours of practicums. Training also includes learning the art of active listening, boundaries & body language, coaching vs. counseling, holistic paradigms, self-discovery, creating sacred spaces, taking the client's lead, asking vs. telling, goals & accountability, authenticity & presence, setting up a private practice, and self-marketing.


Recent graduate, Alicia Gervais, explains, “My experience training with Radiant Health Institute has been positively life changing. The teachings have inspired me to take a big look at my own life and explore how I can obtain deep meaning from my experience. One of the biggest gifts of joining RHI is being welcomed into a supportive group of artists, healers, philosophers, entrepreneurs, and trauma survivors (to name a few) - all who are committed to uplifting humanity.”


Another recent graduate, Jazzy Sdlihc, further explains, “If I had to describe my training experience by using one word, the word would be phenomenal. After the first day of training, I had already learned so much valuable information about Holistic Life Coaching. The overall class environment was relaxed, interactive and hands-on.”


Another recent graduate, Rita Bundy, says, “I have a passion for helping and understanding others. Throughout my life, I've learned a lot about people. I understand how we go wrong in our thinking. My role is to help you to become more focused and centered. As a holistic life coach, I have the opportunity to do this with compassion and non-judgment. We choose the people in our lives to come on this journey with us as a way to mirror back to us the lessons we need to learn. I'm grateful, proud and honored to be a part of the Radiant Health Institute community and I hope we can all be of help to each and every soul we meet.”


Another recent RHI graduate, Charneva Franklin, explains, “Radiant Health Institute provides all the elements to start your successful Holistic Life Coaching business. I was able to learn how to successfully market my business, create a mission, and network with others of diverse backgrounds. I was able to meet so many different people as I went through training. I would definitely recommend Radiant Health Institute for anyone looking for Holistic Life Coaching Certification. You will receive meaningful training that will not only help you to help others create a Holistic Life but it will also help you enhance your Holistic Life.”

About Radiant Health Institute

Radiant Health Institute is consortium of holistic educators and practitioners dedicated to enhancing lives through special events, holistic life coaching and meaningful publishing. The purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to facilitate human growth, enhance people's lives, create positive experiences and expand multiple horizons. The focus of Radiant Health Institute is all about quality of life, authentic living, holistic pursuits, spiritual growth, mindfulness, great appreciation, deepening consciousness, health improvements and so much more. More information is available at www.RadiantCoaches.com.