01/04/2016 21:58

Radiant Health Institute, a prominent holistic coach training school originally founded in Nashville, is partnering with the Swan Wholistic, a holistic wellness company designed to support indigenous cultures, to train professional coaches to build profitable coaching practices in their communities. 

“Radiant Health Institute has a gift for attracting people intent on changing the world around them. The opportunity to train and empower others coaches worldwide connect to the heart of Swan Wholistic’s mission and purpose. This collaboration opens the way for growth and empowerment in professional environments and local communities as we work to bring trainings to those who are deserving regardless of their financial status. I am pleased with our association as it will extend the reach of Swan Wholistic in a way that will allow us to bring significantly more wellness, healing and lifestyle opportunities to others,” comments Swan Wholistic founder, Ashiya Swan. 

Ashiya initially launched Swan Wholistic after she became a certified coach through Radiant Health Institute in 2012. Her training allowed her to strengthen her skills as a Kemetic Yoga instructor and gain confidence in serving her population. In 2015, Ashiya relaunched Swan Wholistic as a lifestyle company intent on social service as she saw a huge need in the her community for comprehensive wellness programs created specifically for women and children of African descent. Swan Wholistic offers yoga, holistic coaching and group facilitation through The Circle Process to indigenous people and communities in need regardless of their economic contribution.

Dez Stephens founded Radiant Health Institute as she recognized the potential and possibility of holistic training and coaching. In November 2015, Dez hosted Radiant Health Institute’s inaugural international training in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with over 40 female trainees in attendance.

Radiant Health Institute has historically held most of their live coach training programs locally in Nashville, but is now expanding across the globe. Dez Stephens says, “We will continue certifying coaches in Honduras and have plans for 2016 to train coaches across Central America, the Caribbean and beyond.”

About Radiant Health Institute

Radiant Health Institute is a social enterprise and prominent Holistic Coach training school that certifies individuals who then create vibrant private practices as professional coaches. The primary purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to facilitate human growth and prosperity. The focus is all about quality of life, holistic pursuits and personal empowerment. More information is available at www.RadiantCoaches.com.

About Swan Wholistic

Swan Wholistic is a holistic lifestyle company intent on social service dedicated to cultivating individual and community wellness through life coaching, Kemetic Yoga instruction and Circle facilitation. With an emphasis on self-care, Swan Wholistic is committed to restoring the legacy of healing and community to the modern world through the ancestral wisdom of indigenous cultures worldwide. More information on Ashiya’s work is available at www.aswanlife.com