12/14/2015 22:22

Radiant Health Institute, a prominent life coach training school originally founded in Nashville, is partnering with the ProCoach Academy, a marketing training school for coaches, to offer up-and-coming coaches the tools they need to build profitable coaching businesses in their communities.

“Thousands of coaches graduate from coaching schools across the country every year, but very few of graduates have the resources or know-how to launch successful businesses. Therefore, the money spent on attaining a coaching certification—sometimes over $10,000—goes down the drain when a new coach doesn't know how to turn their skills into a business,” comments ProCoach Academy founder and Nashville native, Laurel Staples.

Laurel got the idea for the ProCoach Academy after she became a certified coach over five years ago and struggled to get clients during her first year in business. She saw a huge need in the coaching community for a comprehensive business and marketing program geared specifically towards new coaches. The ProCoach Academy is a 12-week program that teaches coaches a step-by-step approach to marketing and selling their coaching services and attaining clients.

Dez Stephens, founder of the Radiant Health Institute, realized a need for advanced marketing training as well. Beginning in January 2016, when a new student enrolls in Radiant Health Institute’s certification program to become a holistic coach, the trainee will automatically get enrolled in the ProCoach Academy.

Radiant Health Institute has historically held most of their live coach training programs locally in Nashville, but is now expanding across the globe. Dez Stephens says, “We are now training and certifying coaches in Honduras and have plans for 2016 to train coaches across Central America, the Caribbean and beyond.”

About Radiant Health Institute
Radiant Health Institute is a social enterprise and prominent Holistic Coach training school that certifies individuals who then create vibrant private practices as professional coaches. The primary purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to facilitate human growth and prosperity. The focus is all about quality of life, holistic pursuits and personal empowerment. More information is available at www.RadiantCoaches.com.

About the ProCoach Academy
The ProCoach Academy is a 12-week training program designed to help coaches learn the specific marketing, selling, and communication techniques that they need to connect with more prospects, turn prospects into paying clients, and grow a profitable coaching businesses. More information is available at www.ProCoachAcademy.com


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