Life Coaching Workshop Offered to Teach Why to Hire or Become One - Local Business Owner of Radiant Health Institute Shares Benefits of Life Coaching

08/13/2012 22:36

Local business owner, Dez Stephens, facilitates a “Life Coaching: Learn Why to Hire One or Become One” 90-minute educational seminar at Therapeutic Nutritional Services at 213 Overlook Circle, Suite B3, Brentwood (37027) on Saturday, September 15th from 1-2:30pm. Admission is $20 and is open to the general public (adults only). Tickets are available through The Skillery at and pre-registration is required.


This life coaching class is ideal for wellness practitioners, health aficionados, entrepreneurs, job seekers, professionals and small business owners. Participants learn to enhance business performance, communication skills, overall confidence, smart decision making, personal development, conflict resolution and goal setting.


Facilitator, Dez Stephens, asks, “Why hire a life coach? Why become a life coach? Maybe you're a manager and need to learn better communication skills? Maybe you're a wellness professional who wants to further support your clients? Maybe you're someone who simply wants to ‘help people’? This class will teach you the in-and-outs of life coaching - why certification is important - the trends & statistics - and how to hire one or earn your own certification.”



Dez Stephens has been a certified life coach since 2005 and is founder of Radiant Health Institute that trains and certifies life coaches. She is a master trainer & marketing strategist who is known for her great insight and compassionate support. Dez has over 2,000 hours of coaching under her belt - she'll explain why having a life coach is great and why becoming one can be even better. More information about Dez Stephens is available at