Is a Big Move the Best Therapy?

03/11/2013 11:40


Americans are constantly in motion. Career moves may take them thousands of miles from their homes, or new parents may move closer to their families. Sometimes, people move to attend school or to stay with a company that is relocating. Other times, people move because they simply need a major change.


One way some people deal with emotional upheaval is by completely changing their environment. Taking the initiative to move somewhere else, whether it’s across town or across the country, can help people begin a new life. Whether they are holding the memories of a lost family member or healing from a traumatic event, people who surround themselves with a new atmosphere can often move on more readily.


Changing one’s life in this way is called relocation therapy. The act of removing oneself from the past and moving forward into uncharted territory can bring about relief, happiness and even a new sense of adventure. 


Making such a drastic change in your life can be difficult to imagine. Moving away from a life that you built and leaving a support system of friends can be scary. Sometimes it may feel as though the familiar landscape around you is comforting, when it may actually be holding you back.


However nontraditional, relocation therapy can help you gain a sense of control over your life. People may stay in the same area for tens of years simply because it is comfortable. They may even feel stuck or subconsciously believe that they are staying in one place for reasons beyond their control. Making the choice to relocate can help you reestablish confidence in your decision-making skills and help you feel more self-assured. Moving to a new place can also help you change feelings of failure and self-doubt. It provides new opportunities to make decisions that can improve your well-being and quality of life, even if you felt as though you were not successful before.


Living in a new town or state can help you build a new outlook on life. Relocation therapy can occur as quickly or as slowly as necessary. You can sell your house and move to a nearby apartment, or you can pack all of your belongings, look for NY real estate and move to a loft in the big city. If you begin to feel like everything is moving too fast, you can choose to stay in one place for a while. Next time you get the urge to start anew, you will know what to do.


This information was written by Ken Torrino, web relations for Elliman, brokers for New York City real estate.