‘Decoding the Gluten-Free Hype’ Free Workshop Offered by Certified Health Coach - Local Educator Teaches the Real Facts Behind the Current Gluten-Free Fad

01/28/2013 13:03


Local Certified Health Coach, Laurel Staples, facilitates “Decoding the Gluten-Free Hype” 75-minute workshop on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 from 6-7:15pm at Unity of Nashville at 5125 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37220. This workshop is free and is open to the general public (adults only). Participants will discover how to determine if gluten is a problem for them, learn how to easily remove gluten from their diet, sample delicious gluten-free foods, receive great gluten-free substitution ideas, and find out which restaurants in Nashville are gluten-free friendly. No RSVP required.


This workshop is ideal for people who have heard all the hype about going gluten-free and maybe can’t decide whether it’s a Hollywood fad or something that you actually need to consider. Or they’ve decided to go gluten-free but don’t know where to start. Gluten can cause multiple health issues including weight gain, fatigue, digestion problems, headaches and other symptoms.


Workshop facilitator, Laurel Staples, explains, “For thousands of years, gluten has never caused people any problems and it seems like all of a sudden, gluten is public enemy number one in the food world. I designed this workshop to explore the real reasons gluten is causing health issues and help people discover if going gluten-free is the right move for them.”



Laurel Staples is a Certified Health Coach and the founder of Life Body Balance, dedicated to helping women reclaim their bodies and rejuvenate their lives through healthy and effective diet and lifestyle changes. Laurel’s journey to health living began over six years ago when she cured her “incurable” thyroid disease through changing her diet. This led Laurel to quit her mechanical engineering job and eventually enroll at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition to become a health coach so she could support others to reach their personal health goals without using the conventional diet-based approach. Laurel has made it her purpose to share her experiences and knowledge to empower others to make positive lifestyle changes.


Watch the video and learn more at http://www.lifebodybalance.com