Certified Holistic Life Coach Opens Private Practice in Clarksville - Local Certifying Training School Proud to Announce This Graduate’s Success

02/20/2013 19:24


Local business, Radiant Health Institute, LLC, recently certified Katie Slachciak as part of its Holistic Life Coaching training & certification course. Slachciak opens her private practice on March 1st in downtown Clarksville at 103 Jefferson Street, Suite 100, Clarksville (37040). She shares an office with other holistic wellness practitioners and educators. To kickoff her new business, Slachciak offers a March special of $25 off an in-person session to celebrate her new life coaching clients. More information about Katie Slachciak is available at www.TheLotusCoach.com.

Slachciak describes, “As The Lotus Coach, I provide a safe place and guide women out of their 'muck' so they can blossom into the strong, beautiful beings they already are. I offer is a holistic approach to personal growth. I begin by mapping out all areas of my clients’ lives and then they decide what to begin clearing up first. We focus on their 'me' time. This is vital for women. Sometimes women are so giving with their time when it comes to others that they forget about themselves. I focus on each woman as a whole person - not a role she plays in the world."

About Katie Slachciak
Katie Slachciak completed her Holistic Life Coach training in 2012 from Radiant Health Institute. During the extensive training, her passion for reaching out to other women came alive. For her, coaching is about showing her clients some much-needed attention and nurturance since women rarely focus on themselves in significant ways. Katie is certified in doTerra’s AromaTouch Technique which helps balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. She also attends Ashford University studying Complementary & Alternative Health. Learning about alternative health practices is important to her when it comes to caring for her three young children, and her love of yoga helps Katie balance her life physically and spiritually. 

About Radiant Health Institute

Radiant Health Institute is consortium of holistic educators and practitioners dedicated to enhancing lives through special events, holistic life coaching and Holistic House Calls. The purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to facilitate human growth, enhance people's lives, create positive experiences and expand multiple horizons. The focus of Radiant Health Institute is all about quality of life, authentic living, holistic pursuits, spiritual growth, mindfulness, great appreciation, deepening consciousness, health improvements and so much more. More information is available at www.Radiant-Health-Institute.com