Corporate Coaching

Benefits of Corporate Coaching: 

Decreasing stress, increasing productivity:

Happy employees yield more productive results. 

Employee Retention: 

Your employees will feel as if you care for them by offering this Corporate Coaching program to them. 


Employees will be absent less due to them being generally happier and healthier - as a positive side effect of Corporate Coaching. 



C-suite and upper-level executives can build effective teams, improve communication, enhance delegation and improve leadership skills. Corporate Coaching also offers a way for executives to co-create positive coping mechanisms therefore decreasing stress and yielding productive outcomes. 



$120 for 1:1 Coaching 

$400 for a group of 10 or less

$750 for a group of 11-20 or more 

(Sessions can be in-person or video-conferencing)

"Lunch 'N Learns" also available


Click here to read an Impact Summary Report showing positive results from Corporate Coaching.